The Parishes of Claverley & Tuck Hill - Company Message
COVID-19 Information

This page is for local information about the church and for help and information for the local community

The Churches remain closed until further notice:
* There is no public worship taking place. Only private worship by the vicar alone - behind closed doors.
* Weddings will not take place.
* Baptisms can only be undertaken in emergency in hospital or at home no regular baptism services will take place.
* Funerals can only take place at the graveside (not in church) or at a crematorium. Only immediate family will be allowed to attend.

* Prayers are said daily for the church, the community, the nation and the world. It is important that a daily pattern of prayers continues.
* Holy Communion will take place every Sunday with the Vicar alone behind closed doors. The Archbishops have given dispensation for the Eucharist to be celebrated by one clergy person.